Getting it right

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Getting it right

Although the size of the economic fallout is yet to be truly felt, getting our heads in the right space to navigate it will be critical.

To support you in this respect, I’ve prepared a few points to reflect on:

  • Your future is in your hands, not the hands of your bank or employer
  • Who you are as a person is up to you rather than your circumstances or parents  
  • Adding value requires no more effort than causing problems
  • Doing more than others is good for you as well as your future prospects
  • Going the extra mile makes a difference to those you work with as well as your personal experience
  • Bringing your passion and energy to work is as important as your skills and experience
  • Thinking like the person you want to be will determine what you become
  • Pushing yourself for the betterment of others is never lost or forgotten
  • Taking responsibility for the outcomes is more important than being right
  • Choosing to believe you can is the key to doing what you must
  • Getting up when you’re feeling down makes you better and stronger
  • Focusing on the end game is critical to your progress today
  • Acknowledging the challenges others face helps us face up to our own
  • Investing in your growth and development is the greatest investment you can make
  • Your resourcefulness as a person is more a ‘state of mind’ than a reflection of your talents  


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