Why Donald Trump isn’t as silly as we think

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Despite what anyone thinks about US Republican Party candidate Donald Trump, he understands the Power of a Vision.

So much so that irrespective of his remarks, an increasing number of Americans see him as the man who can take the country forward, by ‘Making America great again’.

Trump’s aggressive campaign has raised eyebrows around the world; not just because of who he is, but because he’s turning the race for the US presidency into a choice of either ‘going for greatness as a nation’ or ‘selecting a responsible figure head’.

Regardless of Trump’s lack of policy, political experience and divisive nature, voters are getting behind him because as he’s shown, ‘if you don’t have a vision, what are you really offering?’

For too long businesses have seen strategic reviews as a ‘planning’ exercise, not as a campaign to ‘rally their people towards something greater’.

Make no mistake, every person on the planet wants their life to be better but unfortunately, too few of the people they look up to for leadership have the capacity to give them reason to believe that’s possible.

If you want to build a more successful business, you have to show your people what winning looks like and how they can help you achieve it.

You have to elevate the relevance of their roles so they understand they are ‘part’ of the solution and have your backing and support to go for more.

In other words, you have to cause them to believe that together, you can achieve something special.

While failing to lead is always an option, it’s rarely helpful and certainly never leads to greatness.


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