The roles we must play

added by Craig Steel

As we look ahead, it is clear our economies will require active participation from every sector and level of society if we are to lessen the likelihood of a prolonged recession.

The more nations engage their citizens in the rebuild, the faster they will recover and the more successful they will be. The less involved they are, however, the longer it will take them and the greater the damage they will have to endure.

As everyone knows, most economies at the human end are typically two-speed. There are those who have the gumption and attributes to capitalise on the opportunities their market provides and there are those who don’t and therefore can’t.

If we are to come out of the COVID pandemic in reasonable shape, we need to engage everyone in the rebuild irrespective of their contribution in the past or their circumstances today.

In a practical sense, this means:

  • Organisations have to involve their people in their recovery rather than focusing on their workloads and time sheets
  • Parents need to teach their children they have a role to play rather than thinking it’s simply about how to entertain them and keep them safe
  • Political leaders should provide a vision for their nations and what it will require of everyone to bring it to life
  • Managers have to challenge the contribution their people are making and whether it will make the difference

The fact is, if we want to advance as a society, now is the time; hence the conversation we need to be having with everyone is not whether there’s a place for them but whether they will contribute to our future and thus be an asset to the country or presume they’ve got nothing to add and become a statistic or liability.    


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