Unleash your organisation’s potential

Just like elite sports teams, organisations excel through the collective effect of superior individual performance.

If you believe your organisation has the potential to do more, our revolutionary performance improvement programmes are the answer.

Who are we?

We, Steel Performance Solutions, are Australasia’s foremost performance experts and creators of the Steel Performance System™.

What do we do?

We help organisations improve the performance of their workforce using tools that were born in high-performance sport and adapted for the business world.

Who do we work with?

We help privately owned companies, global corporations and Government departments. Since introducing our Performance Improvement Programmes, we’ve helped over 50 industry leaders in Science, Engineering, Telecommunications, Banking, Construction, Manufacturing, Education and Law step up to a new, more advanced level of performance.

What makes us different?

Thousands of hours of research enabled our principal, Craig Steel, to develop a breakthrough system to help elite athletes win on the world stage. This research, coupled with extensive experience helping CEO’s transform the performance of their workforce, enabled us to create a set of tools to help organisations unlock the potential of their business.

In short, our unrivaled understanding of human performance combined with our proven track record of helping organisations revolutionise the way they operate sets us apart.

Why our programmes work
Our programmes work because they use a proven performance improvement system initially designed to help athletes win on the world stage.
Creating champions

Based on his experience assisting elite athletes, Craig (Steel) developed a pathway to help national champions become world-champions.

Since introducing this process, he has helped New Zealand athletes win over 20 World Cup and World Championship titles earning him a reputation as one of the world’s leading performance specialists.

Sport to business

Because performance is equally critical in business, Craig adapted the process he developed for athletes to assist companies. After extensive testing, he produced a suite of programmes to help organisations transform the performance and productivity of their workforce. 

The first company to deploy one of Craig’s programmes (Telecom Business Directions, now Spark New Zealand) exceeded its growth target of 5% by over 400% proving his process could be applied in business.

What you will gain from an SPS Programme
Unrivalled impact

An unrivalled impact on your people.

Increased performance

A world-leading process to improve the performance of your business.

Retain talent

A highly differentiated way to attract, develop and retain talent.

Winning formula

A proven way to out-perform your competitors.

Our Programmes
We offer three Performance Optimisation Programmes plus a business-wide Performance Transformation Programme.
Executive Programme
Our Executive Programme helps CEO’s transform the performance of their most senior leaders.
Leadership Programme
Our Leadership Programme improves the performance of every manager in a business thereby increasing their impact on the organisation.
All Staff Programme
Our All Staff Programme helps organisations optimise the performance of its entire workforce so they can deliver better outcomes for their stakeholders.
Performance Transformation Programme
For organisations wanting to drive a bigger change, we offer a business-wide Performance Transformation Programme.
COVID-19 Executive Workshops
Following the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve prepared three Executive workshops to help you reset your business for a different future.
Executive Reset
A half-day Workshop to help Executive Leadership Teams ready themselves for a different future following the outbreak of COVID-19.
Strategic Reset
A full-day Workshop to help Executive Leadership Teams clarify what the business will require of them to succeed in the future.
Business Reset
A two-day Workshop to help Executive Leadership Teams think about how to transform their business following the impact of COVID-19.
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The organisations who win in the future
will be those who win on a human level
Delivering real world results for our customers
Transform your organisation

Powerful online tools are deployed to support the implementation of our Performance Improvement Programmes. This ensures they not only achieve maximum impact across your business but transform your people's experience working in and for your organisation.



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The world's best
Our story
Our Performance Improvement Programmes are the life work of our principal and founder, Craig Steel.

Craig is a veteran of the performance industry and considered by many to be Australasia’s foremost performance expert. Two decades ago, Craig made one of the single greatest breakthroughs in international sport by discovering why and how athletes capitulate (choke).

Following his success with athletes, a number of New Zealand’s most respected business leaders asked Craig if he could do for them what he was doing for athletes. The first company that used his process increased its sales by 407% in four months, proving it could be applied in business.

Since then, we’ve spent the past decade perfecting our process to help organisations out-perform their competitors.

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