Staying motivated during lockdown

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As many will attest, keeping motivated during the lockdown can be a challenge.

What most of us fail to recognise, however, is that the level of motivation we feel is simply a consequence of our mindset; namely how committed we are to the things we do or engage in.

To supercharge your motivation, I recommend you work through the following steps:

  • Define your purpose. At some point people have to figure out the reason for their existence. If it is simply about our needs or entertainment, our motivation will not only fluctuate, it will feel unpredictable and patchy.
  • Once you’ve defined your purpose, think about the difference it makes to others. If it isn’t for the betterment of people, places or the environment, you’re probably missing the point.
  • Once you’re clear about what or who benefits from your efforts, you need to work out how, i.e. how will you make a difference to those you’re there for or the cause/s you support or believe in?
  • Once you’ve identified how you contribute, you need to think about what you need to do on a daily basis to honour it, i.e. your purpose.

By working through these points, you will gain the insight you need to not only live consciously, but in a way that drives you to be your best for the benefit of others.

When the notion of sustained motivation is examined, it becomes abundantly clear that it isn’t derived from the things we gain but the difference we make to society.

In other words, if you believe what you are doing makes a difference to other people or causes, staying motivated is easy; whereas if your efforts deliver little if any value to anything other than yourself, you might struggle to get off the couch.


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