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As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on markets around the world, business owners will be given an unprecedented insight into the substance of their workforce.

As every business owner knows, challenges like this bring out the best and worst in us all.

For some of our staff, they will see it as the company’s problem but expect their rights to remain. Others will see it as a potential problem for them as they try and cling to their job. For others, they will see it as a problem their employer has to work through but will present themselves as a solution.

Although we are likely to see mass casualties on the commercial front, there will be many more trying to wait it out until they can get back into production.

Either way, whether our people are positioning themselves as an asset or a liability may alter their fate even if they can’t yet see it.

For this reason, it’s vital business owners provide their people with the clarity they need to ensure they are given the opportunity to help while for employees, it’s vital they understand the predicament their company is in and how they can best support it.


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